Lydia Loizides

I’ve worked in the tech sector my entire career. I started on the product side and transitioned to operations and did very well. After 10 years of being promoted for a job well done, not only did I hit the glass ceiling, I smashed into it. Up until that point in my career, being assertive, […]


I read somewhere, once, that you shouldn’t ask your kids what they learned at school; rather, ask how their day was as a way to get the conversation started.  So far, so good. My oldest is not that old but he is quite wise. You see, back in the summer, he started asking me the same […]

Science Magazine November 1, 2013

A friend gave a TEDx talk and there was something about it that irked me. He did a great job (polished, rehearsed, gave the audience a thrill) but the thesis that his life had changed, that his FitBit somehow was his salvation was, frankly, bunk. I’ve seem him gain and lose the same 50 pounds for 10 […]

Pomegranate F shutterstock_67434730

Originally posted on The Huffington Post At GGGrit, we strive to think about things differently. I am a true believer that the past is a guide, the present is a result of a series of events and that the future is something that has yet to unfold. It is an approach that allows us to […]

Marissa Mayer

GGGrit has been a vision, in one form or another, for some time for me. The idea of building a network and calibrating its efficacy using psychographic data is, well, mind-blowing and exciting. I started this adventure almost a year ago and it has proved to be more challenging than I ever imagined. ‘Mistakes’ come […]

Little Me

This post appeared on Huff Post’s The Third Metric My mother was a therapist. Well, technically she was a hairdresser, but in reality she was a therapist. I grew up in the salon — siting on the swivel chairs after school in front of mirrors that spanned the entire length of the wall, listening to […]


The art of reading a novel is becoming novel. In one of the few standing book stores left within a 5 mile radius of my house, I was told (in no uncertain terms) by a member of my clan that, “I don’t want to read fiction … it takes too long.”  Come again? “What about non-fiction?” “That’s different.  […]


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